The 7th IEEE Symposium on New Frontiers in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks (DySPAN 2014), the leading international conference dedicated to the advancement of cutting-edge dynamic spectrum access network technologies and associated regulatory policies, will take place 1-4 April 2014. To be held in McLean, Virginia, IEEE DySPAN 2014 is the premier global forum that focuses solely on the development and deployment of advanced spectrum engineering and smart radio systems. “IEEE DySPAN has built a reputation for bringing together the top academic researchers, industry leaders, and public policy experts on dynamic spectrum access issues. I am sure this year’s conference, being held in the Washington, DC, area, will be again a tremendous success and have a great impact on the future of spectrum policy,” says IEEE DySPAN 2014 general chair Prof. Jeff Reed of Virginia Tech.

IEEE DySPAN was founded in 2005 to further the discussion of radically new spectrum access technologies. This includes a full roster of system demonstrations, panels, tutorials and keynotes tailored to the advancement of spectrum engineering and sharing methods, regulations and systems oriented research.

This year’s conference will again be organized along technical and policy tracks, dealing with dynamic spectrum access (DSA) regulatory aspects, theoretical studies, algorithm and protocol designs for cognitive radios and networks, as well as application-oriented contributions exploring new architectures, platforms, signaling and multiple access schemes. The special themes for 2014 include advanced spectrum engineering and regulatory approaches focusing on novel spectrum sharing methods and policies, business and economic modeling studies, and systems oriented research.